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      • Yin ZheFounding Partner, Chairman of Gopher Asset;Co-founder, Executive Director of Noah Wealth Management

        Mr. Yin is one of the main sponsors in the establishment of Noah Wealth Management in 2005 and co-founded Gopher Asset Management in 2010. He now serves as Joint Chairman of the FOF Special Committee of the Asset Management Association of China.

        He has been proudly named as Ifeng.com’s “Chinese Economic Figure of the Year”, placed in China Venture’s “Top 20 PE Investors in China”, and hailed by Zero2IPO as the “Most Influential Investor in China’s PE Fund LP Market”. He has served as Deputy Head of the Private Banking Department at Xiangcai Securities, as has previously worked at the Bank of Communications. He has more than two decades of rich experience in finance, wealth management and portfolio investment management.

        Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, he holds an EMBA from China Europe International Business School.

      • Peng JingCEO of Gopher Asset

        Joining Noah in early 2007, Ms. Peng served as a real estate fund partner at Gopher in 2019.

        With over 15 years of experience in finance, she holds as the Executive Vice President of Gopher Asset Management, and is responsible for both overall management and specific operations.

      • Liu YihaoManaging Partner for Private Equity Investment

        Joining Noah in 2016, Mr. Liu now works as Managing Partner for Private Equity Investment at Gopher.

        Graduated from International University of Monaco (known as University of Southern Europe) MBA and attained Bachelor of Economics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he previously served as Chief Representative & Managing Director of the NYSE Beijing Representative Office, and Director & Vice President of Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific) Limited.

      • Guo FengPartner for Private Equity Investment

        After joining in Noah in 2015, Mr. Guo was in charge for PE/VC business lines. With over 15 years of finance-related experience at major globally renowned VC companies, he has led issuance of several funds and completed a series of investment projects.

      • Zhang KejianManaging Partner, Private Equity

        Over 15 years of experience in investment and consulting industry

        Former senior staff at Fosun Group

      • Huang QianManaging Partner for Private Equity Investment (Silicon Valley)

        Ms. Huang joined Gopher in 2016 as Managing Partner for Private Equity Investment (Silicon Valley).

        She has more than 25 years of experience in global private equity investment and venture capital investment. Ms. Huang previously served as partner at Hushan Capital (USA), investment manager and group VP at Vertex VC, US investment director at Asiatech Management, Mirantis director at Openstack, board observer at Unity AR/VR, board observer at Couchbase and director at Netbase.

      • Chen Tiansong(Roy)Partner for Real Estate Investment (U.S.)

        Prior to joining Gopher, Roy worked as the Head of US Real Estate for China Orient Asset Management (“COAM”) from 2014-2017 and completed the first major commercial real estate acquisition in Manhattan- a $725 million purchase of JP Morgan Plaza in Manhattan.

        In addition to 18 years of rooted industry experience in U.S. commercial real estate, he also holds several qualifications, with expertise covering valuation, financing, investment mergers & acquisitions, and non-performing asset restructuring.

      • Ning DongliManaging Director of the Multi-strategy Fund Investment Department

        Having joined Gopher Asset Management in 2013, Ms. Ning is responsible for investment management in the Gopher Multi-strategy Fund Investment Department.

        She has 17 years of investment and research experience in the asset management industry, with 10 years in industrial research and stock investment, and 7 years in FOF management.

      • Zhang JingHead of Research Center

        Entering the securities industry in 1994, she now has 27 years of experience in the finance industry. She has previously worked for a number of public funds and dealers, and has accumulated rich investment research experience.

        Ms. Zhang is responsible for the establishment and management of the Gopher Asset Investment Research Team.

      • He Sheng CTO

        Mr. He is responsible for asset information technology.

        Prior to joining Gopher, he served as Deputy Chief Engineer at Ping An Technology and CTO at Ping An Real Estate, and as VP at Morgan Stanley (Shanghai), and product director for Global Etrading platform in Citibank (London)

      • Ye FangCOO

        10 years of experiences in asset management industry

        Former senior staff at State Street, HSBC and the securities field, managing fund custody and operation management

      • Wu JingManaging Director, Digital Portfolio Management

        15 years of experience in financial services industry

        Former senior auditor at Deloitte China

        Previously responsible for over RMB40 billion of product design, distribution and management at Gopher before taking leadership in portfolio management

        Master of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

      • Xu LeiCCO

        Mr. Xu is responsible for the management of compliance matters at Gopher Asset Management.

        Previously working at the Asset Management Association of China, he has participated in the formulation of several autonomous private equity fund regulations, and now has rich supervision experience.


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