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      Institutional Business - Business Profile

      Gopher Asset’s direct sales and business development management team takes care of Gopher Asset’s fund-raising and finance channel management functions.                                     
      Relying on Gopher Asset’s extensive product line, we are able to provide institutions, corporate clients and HNWIs comprehensive products across multiple categories, multiple lifecycles and multiple currencies.
      Adhering to Gopher’s core development philosophy, we are able to cater to the individual needs of our various clients and provide professional fully-integrated financial solutions.

      Business models
      Two business models
      • Channel Consignment
        1、 Financial institutions, wealth management companies and internet finance platform distribute Gopher’s actively managed asset products;
        2、 Distribution channels and other forms of cooperation;
      • Direct Investment
        1、 Financial institutions and large corporate customers directly invest in Gopher’s active asset management products;
        2、 Supported by Gopher’s asset management capabilities and major product lines to provide customized solutions for Individual customer demand;
      Leading Product
      Service Introduction
      Noah Wealth Management currently has more than 100 branches, forming an extensive national network for business support services.
      • 01

        Operations Management

        Committed to the implementation of services and standardization of operations, troubleshoot errors and control operational risk, improve work and service quality systems. Existing products management system

      • 02

        Development of

        Relying on Noah and Gopher’s strong research teams to correctly see market and industry trends to make professional judgments

      • 03

        Training Support

        Around the product and investor education support services, including: regular road shows; the development of the industry reference; investor education;Wide coverage (nationwide)

      • 04

        Customer Experience

        Providing an independent post-investment management team to provide systematic value-added services.

      • 05

        Risk Control System

        Grading approval with checks and balances for all operations. Setup, review and internal approval of fund contracts, investment agreements and basic sales materials, guaranteeing complete specification of investment decision-making, transactions and appropriate and accurate materials for investors.

      Areas of cooperation
      Cooperation Process

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