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      Public Market Investment Business Introduction

      We utilize portfolio funds to provide investment advisory services as our main business line. With our “multi-strategy, multi-style and multi-manager" investment model, we are committed to becoming China’s leading diversified investment management institution. Through our selection of outstanding fund managers, our asset allocation philosophy and our deep understanding of the market, we construct portfolios suited to our investors’ risk-return profiles. Through a combination of ongoing dynamic portfolio management and risk monitoring, we are able to diversify risk at all levels, producing low volatility and an attractive return on investment.

      Our current products range includes TOP30 fund-of-hedge-funds, fund-of-quantitative-hedge-funds, customized multi-manager fund, all-weather fund-of-hedge-funds, absolute return fund-of-funds and fixed income investment products.As of the 2023Q3, our total AUM surpassed RMB 16.44 bn.

      Our Timeline
      • 2015
        Established All-Weather Fund-of-hedge-fund Series 1
      • 2014
        Established Fund-of-Quant-fund Series 1
      • 2014
        Established the first hedge fund,  TOP30 Fund-of-hedge-fund Series 1
      • 2014
        Established Multi-manager Fund Series 1, the first VIP client customizated portfoliofund
      Investment Philosophy
      Accumulated more than 50 billion AUM

      We build a "multi-strategy, multi-style and multi-manager investment" master fund portfolio by investment managers selected the public market, so that our customers get the whole market's best fund managers of services, access to a more diversified portfolio and strive to achieve long-term stability, higher than the market level of return on investment, in the long run to get a more stable investment portfolio returns.

      We believe that

      • · It is difficult for single managers to consistently beating the market
      • · The market is inefficient, and that active management can create value
      • · Multi-strategy, multi-style investment can effectively reduce volatility and provide stable growth
      Investment Strategies
      • 01

        Construct portfolios following asset allocation philosophies

        Using asset allocation, we are able to configure portfolios according to different strategies and styles. With this “multi-strategy, multi-style, multi-manager” strategy, we are able to successfully create value.

      • 02

        Selection of excellent fund managers into our core fund pool through both quantitative and qualitative screening.

        Using a qualitative and quantitative screening system, with investment and non-investment capabilities in mind, we are able hand-pick the best fund managers.

      • 03

        Dynamic management and portfolio rebalancing

        We regularly evaluate of subadvisor performance, based on market conditions and performance attribution analysis to adjust portfolio weights and update our portfolio.

      • 04

        Investment transaction execution

        Our transaction execution is carried out by a professional trading team in order to control costs and risks.

      Product Introduction
      Gopher’s public market team has established a complete and thorough product line, including fund-of-equity-funds (TOP30 and All-weather Funds), fund-of-quantitative-hedge-funds (FoQHF), fund-of-mutual-funds (Stable Growth Fund), customized multi-manager funds (Elite Multi-manager Fund), special strategies (Hedged Private Placement Equity Fund) and fixed income products (Cash Management Fund).

      We construct our portfolio based on selecting the best hedge fund managers through multi-strategy and multi-style investment management, allowing us to hedge volatility and bring stable long-term performance. TOP30 utilizes dynamic management of total market conditions and subsector analysis to achieve lower volatility and large returns and create the best public market solution.

      Product Features

      • 1、Single fee structure
      • 2、Customized services and stringent risk controls
      • 3、Systematic investment mechanisms
      • 4、Comprehensive assessment based on information sharing and cooperation
      • 5、Using position monitoring, active rebalancing and subadvisor rotation to lower volatility while maximizing returns

      We build our portfolio with the selection of the best quantitative hedge fund managers in order to hedge volatility and bring stable long-term growth.

      Product Features

      • A、Return-based and fixed income based, low drawdown, stable returns
      • 1、This product features select market-neutral subadvisors and quantitatively equity investment subadvisors to build a large equity pool in order to diversify risk.
      • 2、The FoF invests in the most suitable subadvisors at any given time, combining dozens of low-correlation quantitative subadvisors with multi-strategy portfolios, bringing low drawdown and low risk, whilst maintaining returns.
      • B、Screening quantitative products with core-competitiveness to lower investors’ personal selection and transaction costs.
      • 1、The quant team uses proprietary software and models to evaluate individual quantitative products and strategies.
      • 2、Construction and maintenance of an extensive database of quant managers to analyze and track product and manager performance.
      • 3、Utilization of core-competitiveness market timing and style selection models to properly screen and select the best combination of products.
      • C、Product suitable for investors seeking stable returns and highly-controlled risk.
      • This product is characterized as market-neutral with low drawdown. Portfolio managers co-invest in the product, demonstrating confidence and aligning interests with investors.
      Elite Multi-manager Fund

      Featuring the most outstanding hedge fund managers and following our “multi-strategy, multi-style, multi-manager investment” management concepts, we diversify investments at all levels. Through the selection of subadvisors, asset allocation and dynamic portfolio management, we pursue low volatility and an attractive return on investment.

      Product Features

      • A、Customized and personalized services for large investors
      • 1、Precisely construct portfolios to fit the risk-return appetite of large investors.
      • 2、Provide timely and effective customized reporting.
      • 3、Maintain deep communications with subadvisors.
      • B、Active management of sub-investments and flexible portfolio rebalancing.
      • 1、Flexible redemption agreement: accommodating sub-advisory fund subscription and redemption for rebalancing
      • 2、Specialized rebalancing for sub-advisory funds
      • Hedge: When subadvisors’ market views differ from the FoF manager
      All-weather Hedge Fund

      Product Features

      • 1、Exceptional multi-strategy hedge fund allocation: Adaptable to all market conditions in the pursuit of sustainable steady profitability.
      • 2、Strict control of single subadvisor positions: Quantitatively manage risk and control drawdown to establish a more stable risk-return profile
      • 3、Dividend-based returns: Fund dividends paid at least once every 6 months, limited to no more than half of total profits, bringing investors steady cash flow
      • 4、Domestic leader in FoF products: Because the team has undergone both bull and bear markets, we have accumulated a great deal of investment management experience. We have developed a robust and rigorous subadvisor screening and evaluation system and built strong relationships with a large number of hedge fund managers forming a mature and efficient operating environment.
      • 5、Dual management model: complementary advantages and convergence of interests with investors.
      Stable Growth Fund (Fund of Mutual Funds)

      We continuously look in all asset classes for products and managers that exhibit sustainable competitive advantages. Through categorical asset allocation and active management, we construct a portfolio that can bring investors steady mid and long term returns.

      Product Features

      • 1、Absolute return:
      • · The portfolio contains equity products, fixed income products and cash products.
      • · In conjunction with Gopher Asset’s investment management team, we expertly conduct asset allocation, analyze and screen fund managers to bring investors steady mid and long term returns.
      • 2、Fund liquidity:
      • · Excellent FoF liquidity: after the lock-in period, we provide daily subscription and redemption providing investors with the convenience to adjust their investment to suit their varying personal financial needs.
      • · Excellent sub-fund liquidity: sub-funds can be subscribed and redeemed daily, allowing our expert team to cope with changing market conditions and seize investment opportunities.
      • · Compared to investment in single equity/fixed income funds, in conditions of extreme liquidity in the public market, we are able to subscribe and redeem sub-funds to boost liquidity.
      • 3、Attractive fee structure:
      • · Low management and performance fees: This product charges very low management and performance fees, greatly reducing the costs associated with double charging in FoF investing.

      Cash Management Fund

      We select the best targets, matching investors’ time, size and return requirements and providing them quality liquidity management.

      Product Features

      • 1、Strict asset quality control via Gopher’s risk management team.
      • 2、Targets, durations and yields can all be customized, allowing for more flexible product design.
      • 3、 Highly experienced fund manager, having managed over one billion yuan.
      Contact Us
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        High Net-worth

        Assist high net-worth investors construct quality investment portfolios, bringing stable long-term growth.

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        Aid securities companies, banks, third-party wealth managers, and other institutional investors create customized and flexible diversified investment management products.

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        Multi-strategy and Multi-style Fund Managers

        We have the best understanding of China’s investment managers. We are a one-stop shop for fund-of-funds products for foreign QDII investors, allowing them to share in China’s economic growth.


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